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Mark DeYoung is a photographer based out of the beautiful harbor town of Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

Mark DeYoung started his photography career during a turbulent time in his life. Fresh off the passing of his father, he enlisted in the Marines as an infantryman to take care of his family. Serving through multiple tours of duty, Mark was able to find his passion: creating breath-taking images.

Within two months of picking up his first camera, DeYoung was able to teach himself how to use his equipment on a professional level. Within four months, his work was being published in Leatherneck magazine and Marine Corps Times. By the end of his active military career, his passion had grown into a full-blown profession. 

From there, he worked as a freelance graphic designer and commercial photographer, making a moderate living while furthering his education. As he grew as a photographer, his professional needs became overwhelming; in order to move up in his career, he would need a much better camera and his own professional studio. Nothing else would do.

After a year of schooling, Mark DeYoung founded Mores Media, a professional marketing/branding company with one of his colleagues, Alex Nichols. Six months after its opening, the company had a fully-loaded studio equipped with an infinity wall.

Mark now specializes in commercial, lifestyle, and product photography for the Greater New York Area.


Atlantic Highlands, NJ
+1 609 955 2711

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